Internet & Streaming Performance Troubleshooting

If you’re unable to stream Dance Vision classes on your mobile device, try resolving the issue with these steps:

Reinstalling the Dance Vision App

  • The classic restart: Please try deleting the Dance Vision app completely from your phone, then reinstalling the app to help refresh and improve the overall app performance

Restarting Your Home Network

  • Turn off your mobile device, internet modem, and/or wireless router by unplugging all devices for approximately 30 seconds
  • Plug in your modem and wait until no new indicator lights are blinking
  • Turn your mobile device back on and try accessing Dance Vision again

Improving your Wi-Fi Signal

  • Move your router to a newer, closer location to improve signal strength. A central location for the router will help improve the overall reception
  • Do you have wireless devices nearby? Try moving them away from your router since wireless interference can complicate and possibly interfere with your device’s connectivity strength
  • Find a place for the router high and off the floor

Trying a Different Internet Connection

  • Although we generally discourage using your cellular data, you could try connecting to a cellular data network as a way to see if a home network configuration issue is the cause

Still experiencing technical issues?

If you’re continuing to experience significant streaming issues with Dance Vision, our Support Team will help triage and solve this issue for you! To submit a bug report, please submit a help ticket request with the following information in a message.

  1. Subject: Streaming Issue
  2. Your Dance Vision email address
  3. Class(es) or videos where you’re experiencing these lags
  4. Screenshot of Internet Speed ("Internet Speed Test" - Google)
  5. The platform and device where you’re experiencing the issue
  6. Internet Service Provider
  7. Location
  8. Confirmation that you're using the latest OS & software/version update

Once our Support Team has this information, they’ll be able to escalate your issue to our Product and Engineering teams for review. While we wait for an update, we’d appreciate for our members to go through the following self-troubleshooting solutions, which usually works for most of our members:

  1. Signing-out of all Dance Vision accounts and devices
  2. Making sure that your app/browser is on the most updated version
  3. Clearing your Internet browser’s history, cache, cookies
  4. Accessing Dance Vision through your web browser’s private/incognito setting


If you still need more information, feel free to submit a help ticket or email us: