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Learn how to re-certify with Dance Vision if you've already received a certification with another dance organization.

You can test out in Recertification Exams by meeting the requirements below:

1. A copy of your previous exam report (showing scores) must be emailed to info@dancevision.com prior to taking the exam. If you are not going to apply for an adjudicator license, then you can send copies of your certificates.

2. You must take and pass the dance portion of the Dance Vision exam in the same style and level of your existing certification. You will not be responsible for answering any questions on the theory of the dances.

Upon passing, you will then be awarded a Dance Vision Professional Certification in the style and level that you tested in.

For the dancing (demo section) – The candidate will dance a routine to music, with a partner, using all of the Dance Vision Syllabus figures in the appropriate style(s) and level(s). The candidate will dance each routine twice – once as a Leader and once as a Follower. You will be asked to dance a Solo Amalgamation of three to four figures of the Examiner’s choice, to music to one of the four/five dances. Your score will be based on the following criteria for both Leader & Follower:
If you want to move forward with this, please send copies of your exam report (showing scores) or certificates as per above to tiffany@dancevision.com

Your next step is to subscribe to the Teacher Membership as this is a Dance Vision requirement to take any exams, and to keep your name active on the Certified Teachers Directory.

Recertification Exams are $75 each. Recertification exams are the only exams that you can not purchase yourself on dancevision.com. The invoice will be created by Dance Vision, then sent to you to make payment.