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Dance Vision is a world leader in ballroom dance education. Our online platform lets you access over 5,000 videos teaching the Dance Vision Curriculum, figures, combinations, and techniques. Our 70+ world class instructors teach a large variety of styles at all levels and you access the entire library of videos on a desktop or our app.


With supplemental help, you’ll be a better dancer in no time. Learn new figures, refresh your memory on a dance, and enhance your technique!


Refine your craft and stay prepared to educate others. Refer back to figures, variations, and techniques for teaching, plus gather new ideas to implement into your own dancing.

Teachers also have the opportunity to professional certify with Dance Vision, join our Teacher Organization, and attend our competitive events.


Since 1992, thousands of studios have used the Dance Vision to educate their students. Streamline your independent ballroom dance studio with everything Dance Vision has to offer.

Studio Memberships provide memberships for staff, a listing on our exclusive directory, and student medal testing for our curriculum at no cost. To get your studio started today, please email info@dancevision.com or call us at +1(888)841-8465.