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What are the benefits of getting certified as a teacher?

We set dance teachers, new and continuing, on the right foot in a growing and competitive ballroom dance industry.

Whether you are someone considering a career in ballroom dance, a vetted teacher looking for guidance, certification is the key to providing confidence and competency in your career on and off the dance floor, here are some reasons to consider a Dance Vision Teacher Certification (it’s never too late!)

Certification Enhances Your Credibility

When acquiring new students and/or seeking potential studio employment, a professional certification with Dance Vision shows that you are a competent teacher and trusted member of our organization—this builds credibility! A professional certification is representative of the dedication and investment you’ve put into your dance education and career. 

Certification Establishes Your Teaching Framework

Certification will solidify your knowledge of both leader and follower syllabi figures, so you can teach them to students with ease. It builds your technical theory: our syllabi were created as a method for building technical skill over time, based on certain figures contributing to varying aspects of dance technique. As dance teachers, understanding beyond the steps allows you to support your students’ growth and contributes to the longevity of their dance journeys—they’ll stick around because there is always more to learn.

Certification Creates Connections

Preparing for and taking professional certification exams is an excellent form of networking. Partaking in preparatory exam courses and finding friends to study with is a fantastic way to collaborate with future colleagues and gain new students and/or employment. All Certified Dance Vision Teachers are listed on our Dance Vision Teacher Directory. This allows our Dance Vision student members to easily find you and reach out if they are in search of in-person lessons. Our Dance Vision Examiners are also a great resource—residing across the globe, these vetted professionals conduct Dance Vision examinations and are available to provide guidance in your career journey.

With a teacher that shows dedication to their students through the application of their own dance certifications, the possibilities of what both them and students can achieve are limitless.