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What are the benefits of having an entire studio certified?

Teacher certification enhances credibility, establishes a teaching framework, and creates industry connections for your studio.

Are you a studio owner or manager? Then you know, more than anyone, the tremendous hardwork and dedication necessary to create a thriving ballroom dance studio. With more than 40 years in the dance industry, our founder, Wayne Eng, understands how building credibility and supporting the growth of your instructors is fundamental to success. For this reason, Dance Vision is passionate about enabling career development through instructor certifications.

Certified Instructors Build Your Studio Credibility

Employing certified instructors shows both newly acquired, and current, students that your studio cares to employ competent and confident teachers. “Displaying Dance Vision Certificated Instructor Certificates [in our studio] shows that we take seriously [the education of] our teachers and our students,” says Jason Daly, owner of Dance Daly Studio in Mission Viejo, CA. Receiving a professional certification in dance, likened to professional certifications within other industries, is an accomplishment, a career achievement, and should be commended.

Certifications Create a Common Thread

When your instructors are certified under the same association, they understand the same syllabi, plus common theories and teaching skills. Understanding the same language enhances communication between your employees and allows them to better support one another. Not to mention it creates consistency—as students attend group classes or lessons from varying instructors throughout their journeys, the terminology and framework of the material is cohesive and familiar.

Certifications Show You Care

The success of your business depends on your employees. Encouraging your instructors to become certified shows that you believe in their future, value their contributions, and are dedicated to helping them grow as educators and people. As you instructors complete certification, they immerse themselves in the syllabi and theory of the dances, explore their own learning style, and gain a deeper understanding of dance itself. With confidence in their dance abilities, they will carry themselves with pride and a sense of worth and be excited to serve their students knowing that they are qualified to provide excellence in dance instruction.

Certifications Create a Strategic Model for Growth

For those interested in a career within ballroom dance, but not necessarily as a competitive dancer, it can be challenging to see possibilities of professional growth in the industry. Dance Vision’s framework of education, including tiers of certification from Associate to Grand Master degrees of dance, allows instructors to continually grow their expertise. As they gain experience and knowledge, their lesson rates can increase or they can even explore the idea of becoming a studio manager or studio owner. Supporting successful instructors from the ground up will only increase the reputation and credibility of your own business. 

As your instructors grow in their teaching abilities, the credibility and reputation of your dance studio will be limitless.